How to do Image Submission in SEO

Image Optimization: Things Keep in Mind before Image Submission:

Image optimization is a technique which helps to make your image meaningful for search engine, Image optimization is one of the advances SEO practice for the search engine, It helps search engine crawler to crawl and index image easily to the search engines database.

You must write the proper name of the image, URL of Image, the Title tag of image, description tag of image, alt tag of image, size of image (height and width) and so on, this process must be completed before sharing of image on image submission sites.

List of Image optimization tips you can use before Image Submission

  • Design your image.
  • Write Title tag content of image
  • Wite Alt tag (Metadata)
  • Name Tag of Image
  • define the size of an image (Height and Width)
  • Use the generic name of image URL
  • Don’t download the image from google.
  • You can use your own copywriting tag
  • use always brand name in image content
  • must use content for the description tag of the image.

Now, Submit your image on free image submission sites, It will help you to create backlinks and drive referrals traffic from most popular image submission website.

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